Fessing Up

There are no reasons to lie here. My biggest character flaw has got to be my laziness. Mike went out to get my car an oil change this morning, and he currently wants to kill me because, well, I’m exactly not sure. I hung up on him when he called. It’s way too early to be yelled at like that. Of course I should have taken the car to the dealership right by my workplace. But I’m lazy. Now I have some serious ass-kissing to do to make up for the incompetency of whichever poor souls were working at the Jiffy Lube, or wherever he tried to take it. I appreciate the effort on his part to make up for my lack of motivation. I truly will not be angered that it didn’t happen because some scrub working for minimum wage didn’t feel like hustling on a Saturday.

More examples. Right now, I should be:

  • Showering
  • Washing dishes
  • Picking up the clutter around the house
  • Anything other than blogging about how lazy I am
  • Gathering paperwork to do our taxes
  • Finding something to consume other than coffee
  • Labeling all the posts that are still unlabeled here

But the typing, it’s just so soothing. Laziness is great and all, but it certainly comes around to bite me in the ass. I really regret that his trying to do something nice for me, that I obviously should have done myself, has his man-panties all in a bunch. My fault. Gee, however could I make it up to him? Let’s start by folding laundry. Another thing I rarely do because I am lazy, and he is not. I’m too spoiled to be this verbose.


One thought on “Fessing Up

  1. suntzusays says:

    I end up having to schedule the damn oil changes just so I feel compelled to go. But I also don’t have to drive past any on the way home. I did manage to do my dishes, but folding the laundry would be a violation of the highest order. Such actions, doing any sort of work around the house go a long way. Much farther than they should. Its just cleaning, its a pain in the ass no matter who does it.

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