Playgrounds vs. Beer Gardens

Another take on the lateset mommy war battle. I’m betting a beer or glass of wine is a better mother’s-little-helper than Valium, which used to be so chic. Lighten up. They’re called happy hours for a reason. A drink with dinner.

The American attitude toward alcohol just cracks me up. Okay, so, seriously, to be really cool when you’re young, just get your hands on some booze, get tipsy & some ass if you can, then drive your fancy-as-I-can-afford car home. But don’t you dare turn into a drunk adult….then we’ll demonize you and act like we had noooo idea that normal fratboy binge drinking could turn into a …..shhhhh…..problem. No. No idea. For crying out loud, don’t let the children see that! Ugh.

Obviously, it’s one thing to get wasterfaced and neglect or abuse your kids. But moms who have enough time to criticize the parenting of other perfectly comptetent and decent parents really should look into some other type of volunteer work. Hector Projector.


2 thoughts on “

  1. suntzusays says:

    As a non-drinker, I can’t say I see what the fuss is about. Either way though. Really, I’ve seen the health effects, moderate drinking, like a few glasses of wine now and again, is often helpful and perfectly fine, presuming you have a decent plan for driving (so you don’t risk arrest). Heavy drinking does have some drawbacks. Among them being the likelihood of beating/neglecting children. To be fair, there are plenty of parents who seem to do that anyway. Alcohol is really just a catalyst. We really need to lighten up in this country. First ‘nipplegate’ and now parents who drink. There’s a difference between alcoholism (which is a disease or a genetic problem) and drinking, just as there is a difference between a boob and sex.

  2. AmeDame says:

    That’s one of the best analogies I’ve heard in a long time! a boob and sex. hahahahaa!

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