This has got to be one of the stupidest scientific (if you can call it that) debates ever. A vaccination will not encourage a teenager to have sex. Nothing encourages teen girls to have sex more than teen boys or other teen girls who have already done so. Even if your daughter’s a huge slut, do you want her to get cancer for it? This is the same party that thinks graphic sex education and contraception information encourages promiscuity. Hormones cause promiscuity. That and ‘being cool’ with your group of friends. Nothing’s more influential in a teenager’s life than their friends opinions, usually. Your sex-ed textbook, or whatever they call it these days, is probably close to last on the list of things that would influence that decision.


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  1. suntzusays says:

    I figure if its going to happen anyway, then parents should be more active trying to educate on these things, rather than just trying to prevent it passively by imposing strict rules that don’t work. I’d rather have heard it from them than some strange health teacher who may be a pervert. Shots (needles, not booze, strong drink giveth the will and take away the ability) and condoms aren’t going to encourage things. Who here at that age needed MORE encouragement and pressure anyway? They’re just going to provide damage control. I don’t see how they’re enablers. People have sex; not having protection, birth control and access to health care didn’t seem to bother kids before (bundling in Puritan times ring a bell?)

  2. Undecided says:

    bundling? no. I want to google that instead of DSCing, but I gotta….

  3. Undecided says:

    hah! bundling…like necking, but with buckles? playing house! thanks, new word….

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