Okay, I’m not going to edit much, if at all. In 1980, Aunt Anna said:

“As I write these recollections, happy childhood events in my life vividly come to mind.

The events that occurred to my father and mother before my birth were narrated to me, my two sisters, and my brother from time to time as we sat around a large pedestal oak table in the center of a 15′ square dining room. Back in the 1920s, the front room, later called the living room was used only when company visited. It was customary in our household for Papa and my brother to read the newspaper; my sister and me to do homework, and Mama to knit or crochet all gathered together after supper until bedtime. We had no radio until 1936 and television was unknown then. Mama took in boarders and they, too, spent the evenings with us. Following the discussion of the day’s events, card games were played with Papa.”

TBC intermittently.


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