Or, I hate him just because I can. Of course this will be slanted, being my side of the story, but that guy is a dick. Not in a good way.

He sends me a link to an article about how stress during pregnancy can affect child development. Um, okay. How about “Duh.” Is it just me being overly sensitive and way too defensive? I had to walk away for a minute…PM deleted it so I wouldn’t let the rage totally take over. So I don’t know if he even wrote anything with it….or just sent that article like that should say something nice for his part. Thanks for your two cents….I was exactly that much short of that dollar that’s a day late. But heres’s my point: the headline alone stuck in my field of vision to the point that once I could see again, I went and read it. Of course I can find those kinds of stories if I want to read them. You guys may have noticed that I’m not obsessing quite as much about it lately….it’s just not time to do that. Reproduce or stress about it. Or both. The little fucker. I swear, if it were worth the gas I’d drive to his house and have a fucking fight about it. Like knowing that some study proved what every worrying woman can feel in her bones just makes all my stress up and disappear. Thanks, man. That was hot. And now I am, too. I can’t wait until your poor mom has to call and try to help make peace, since all I get back in response to my response (which I tempered with ‘I know you mean well, it’s not fair of me to be so mad at you….but please don’t send me shit like that.’) was, and I quote: Fuck you both. I’m done.


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