I believe we have some drinkers and non-drinkers reading here. Tell me what kind of ‘tarded out bribery this sounds like to you. (That’s what it sounds like to me.)

We were supposed to have dinner Friday night with some folks who, while they definitely have our best interests at heart, also seem to have their noses bridge deep in our marriage. They wanted to pay for dinner, at a very nice restaurant, but stipulate that there’s “no drinking.” Um, okay. No single glasses of wine with a nice meal? I think you should be baptized Baptist if your Catholic ass can’t even imbibe one unit in front of your soon-t0-be ex-boss.

It’s not like we couldn’t pay for our own damn dinners. I so want to get reservations for ourselves and just sit across the room and wave stemware at them. Silly. Just silliness.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’d be easier to put in two cents if google wasn’t using theirs. Unless you’re secretly a raging alcoholic, I don’t get it. Have some vino and throw the stems at them (then blame the booze). It’s generally healthy. I don’t picture guzzling down bottles of wine at dinner as what they think will happen.. so.. . I don’t understand. Alcohol consumption doesn’t bother me and I can’t think of any moral-religious bullshit reason that it should bother them.

  2. Undecided says:

    there aren’t many secrets here. If I were a raging alcoholic, I think I’d be a nondrinker by now. I’ve seen too many people just stuck in the gutter with their bottle. I just don’t get why four people who can drink moderately have to abstain because….? the SIGHT of alcohol being consumed is offensive? sillysillysilly….if I’m grown up enough to drive to a different city for dinner, I should be able to enjoy a glass of wine with my meal!

  3. Undecided says:

    anyhoo, it’s probably a moot point. They can’t get reservations except for 6:30, and I’d have to leave work pretty early to go home, change, and get there in time.

  4. Feral Mom says:

    Heresy! It’s downright Protestant, is what it is. p.s. thanks for the link!

  5. Undecided says:

    sure! you’re one of the best, feralmom… crack me up, and I’m not the only one. I’m so glad to have you here!

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