I saw the best thing ever on Good Eats last night. Alton Brown might be my hero. I think my dream job would be to work for him. Doing anything. The scripts to his show are hilarious, and I would love to sit and label model train cars with amino acid names to illustrate protein structures. Last night, the show was about lentils. Apparently:

In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates prescribed lentils and slices of dog for liver ailments.

The only reason I find this hysterical is that we’ve been dogsitting on and off for this cutie patootie of a mischievious beagle for the last month or so:

His name is Hippo. Short for Hippocrates. The Greek father of medicine. He’s PM’s brother-in-law & wife’s dog. She’s a doctor, thus the naming in honor of her profession. The thing is….they say it HippoCRAYtees. Instead of HipPOCrates. And it drives me absolutely batty. But it’s the kind of thing where you let it slide a few times and not say anything to be nice, and because it takes a little nerve to correct such a well-educated and informed physician that she mispronounces her dog’s name. So it’s way too late now to even think about saying anything. But to hear that Hippocrates recommends lentils and sliced dog for liver ailments…that’s just TOO MUCH! I love Good Eats!


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  1. Undecided says:

    we do, too! thanks for commenting! I’ll be over to visit your blog….

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