Or! I could just lie to you…dick around at work, run late, and reschedule. Yeah! That’s how I do it. But! I did find my resume, briefly….I’ll find it again soon, hopefully! AND! The USB cable for my camera has been located…bwahahaha. It’s on now!


4 thoughts on “

  1. weislyleon says:

    hey, I just got a free $5000.00 Gift Card. you can redeem yours at Abercrombie Fitch All you have to do to get yours is Click Here to get a $5000 free gift card for your backtoschool wardrobe

  2. Undecided says:

    Get a real job, weislyleon. Please. For all our benefit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s messages like weislylon’s that have me wasting the portion of my work day not spent dicking around, deleting whimsical email offers. I’ve been fooled once… but, NO MORE! Jerky. I do wonder about the secret shopper thing though. Hmmmm…

  4. Undecided says:

    Doubtful. It’s a harsh reality that we all have to find something respectable to do, and secret shopping just seems too good to be true, so it probably is.

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