I guess you know you’re sick of being sick when chicken noodle soup no longer tastes good. Sad. And why do beverages marked “50% less sugar” have to be loaded up with aspartame? Why can’t things just be 50% less sweet? With all the childhood obesity and diabetes epidemics, I think it’s time we realize that not everything has to taste like candy. I love reading labels. Maybe I should go into food science? Hmmmm….


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good to have you back. :)I don’t monitor my nutritional intake. Matter of fact, I just scolded the moms about purchasing baked lays with my Quizno’s meal deal. You may be wondering why I didn’t grab them myself. Well, I’ve used a coupon for a free sub everyday this week at the same location. I am beginning to sense contempt from some of the employees, so in order to uphold my dignity, I was forced to send her in while I waited at the bank next door watching some financial program. Still have enough coupons left to eat Quizno’s for every meal until Feb. 28th when the coupons expire. Seriously. Mwahahahaha!! Suckers….Stress lowers your natuaral defenses. Do you have a particular food you crave after being sick when you can actually stomach solid food again? Is this common?? Mine’s McDonald’s.

  2. Undecided says:

    Spanx! I try not to monitor intake in volume, but by composition. I had Quizno’s soup…Penis Man hates Quizno’s, so I have to get it when he’s not around. Yeah, I totally had that sickness coming. I had a theory that adrenaline and denial could deflect germs, but that doesn’t work under stress. That Throat Coat Tea is the bomb-diggity-dog, though. I do noodles with that awful Kraft ‘Parmesan’ cheese and olive oil. Ghettofied Italian cooking for the lazy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You had Quizno’s for lunch too? Yeeaahhaa! The indolent Italian dish you speak of sounds…well, sick! lol

  4. Undecided says:

    It is…the cheese gets all rubbery if you do it just right. Sounds nasty but tastes so bland-fully gooooooodd.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ooh, I haven’t had the chance to tell you that I caught THE mouse. I’m pretty sure there’s only one. I have never seen my mom like this. She’s in primal hunter mode. It was so painfully sad too see it’s poor, lifeless shell warped that I considered letting the others (if there is others) cohabitate.

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