No more punctuation emoticons. I’ve got to be articulate enough even in print to not need them to convey expression. This will be difficult!


4 thoughts on “

  1. Bazarov says:

    extremely difficult. you don’t realize how much communication is done with the body and subconscious message sending until you text message someone in a conversation. most people think that “lol” is overused, but if you sit and just watch people, say at a mall, you realize that people really do laugh that much. not that they’re laughing at jokes but it’s just a way to let people know that you’re listening and responsive i guess. there’s actually a lot of interesting research on that.tom and jerry managed to express plenty without ever uttering a word. they did however make splendid use of universal human facial gestures. people all frown when sad and all smile when happy. they may nod their heads to mean “no” and shake their heads to mean “yes”, but all smile when rubbed the right way.umm…what else? oh yeah, good luck without using the :p things. i guess in the days of letters and diaries/journals people expressed themselves more clearly in letters and they didn’t need emoticons. but then again length wasn’t an issue really. they seem to be great shorthand devices. the biggest advantage to them i’ve noticed is it’s a lot easier to convey sarcasm with them than without. i wonder how they did that in those letters without causing confusion…

  2. Undecided says:

    ‘get on the lollercoaster.’ that has to be my favorite so far. Laid-Off-Dad used that recently, meaning everyone laughs out loud. But yes, sarcasm will be hard…also one of my favorites! you’ll probably see a lot of “Helloooo?” heehee….or maybe, “I know, right?” I like that one, too….have you seen the Volkswagon commercial where the guy’s making fun of his buddy for saying “like” every other word? hilarious….

  3. Bazarov says:

    no, i haven’t. but i remember gettin to a calculus class early one day and overheard two girls talking outside for about five minutes. I started counting every time i heard the word “like”. I got to well over fifty in a matter of minutes. It’s one of those words i reckon.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever noticed the different similarities in regional communication? Where I’m from, we say “I know, huh?”. Down in Fla. they tend to say “Yeah, right?”. My dad and a buddy in his band saved me from a dorm once. They couldn’t help but laugh out loud when these two private school chicks got on the elevator and within a matter of floors said like like 🙂 a ricockulous amount of times. Right then, they understood why I wanted, wait NEEDED, to get the fuck outta there.

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