I guess I do feel intimately connected to my DNA. Duh 😉


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  1. Bazarov says:

    I’d hope so, but not just for the linked reason :p I’m a bit curious though…I remember this study coming out a few years ago (months? i’ve lost track of time passing anymore) about red-headed people needing more or less anesthesia and seemed to have a different threshold for pain (more sensitive I wanna say but it could be the opposite). Is there anything similar to piebaldism? I can flare my nostrils and apparently only thirty percent of the population has the required genetic make up to do that (my sis and i use this as a form of nonverbal communication which most people don’t pick up or notice). I also have this weird thing where if i have to sneeze and i look at a bright light i’ll sneeze. Sometimes if i don’t have to sneeze and i come out of a movie theatre i sneeze uncontrollably too. Some people seem to know what i’m talking about and others think i’m crazy. Great, now i got that song stuck in my head again…

  2. Undecided says:

    I have no idea about the red-headed thing, but when I had my wisdom teeth out the dentist remarked on the amount of drugs required to knock me out…I’m a lightweight only on the scale, I guess! There are lots of similar things to piebaldism…Waardenburg’s syndrome, etc. I can flare my nostrils, too, and I know exactly what you mean about the sneezing and bright light connection…the only thing worse than wet socks is a phantom sneeze….what song?

  3. Bazarov says:

    Gnarles Barkley, “Does that make me crazy? Probably” I think it’s just called, Crazy. Nice with the nostrils. I guess you’ve exercised your liver a bit, eh? Or maybe it’s just in your genes. I’m trying to think of any neato tricks or features about me and I’m comin up blank. My sis can shake her eyes, which comes from my father’s side. My brother’s ambidextrous. I don’t think I got much…Oh! I have an outie bellybutton, but I don’t know if that’s genetic or due to the way the umbilical cord was cut. Umm…I guess my brain’s sorta rare. Never taken an official IQ Test, but i wouldn’t be surprised if i was two or more standard deviations above the mean. However, one must always keep in mind of the poll that was given where 98% of the respondents said they thought they had above average IQ; meaning roughly half of them (statistically speaking) were dead wrong. This topic always seems to bring up the nature-nurture debate. I always find it funny how people can clearly see the role of genes in things like height and skin color but not when it comes to behavioral and personality traits, i.e. the psyche. They always grasp for nurture then, and seem to forget that the reason the population as a whole today is taller and people hit adolesence sooner is because of the diet. Yet they tend to think of height as more genetic and for personality? well, i don’t know where they think that comes from…wow, i’ve strayed.Did any of that make sense? Maybe that’s my unique little oddity: The ability to go off on a tangent at any moment. P.S. “There are lots of similar things to piebaldism…Waardenburg’s syndrome, etc.” Ha! You give one example and then etc. Excellent.

  4. Undecided says:

    Differentials:Addison Disease Albinism Alezzandrini Syndrome Leprosy Skin Lightening/Depigmenting Agents Systemic Sclerosis Tinea Versicolor Vitiligo Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Syndrome Waardenburg Syndrome Yaws Other Problems to be Considered: Chemical leukodermaOnchocerciasisPreus syndromePintaVitiligo (distinguished by the presence of lesions from birth, hyperpigmented macules of depigmented and normal skin, and static course)Yaws (frambesia tropica)Ziprkowski-Margolis syndromeCan you roll your tongue? That’s genetic. I can do this weird triple roll, shamrock thing… parlor tricks ;-)According to these scary ass articles, I’m just lucky to not be deaf and/or retarded!

  5. Bazarov says:

    Aren’t we all (those of us who aren’t) lucky not to be deaf, blind, and/or dumb? :pI often consider myself a winner in the cosmic lottery. I was born without any serious health problems, I have been relatively healthy most of my life, I’m not crippled and I have a wonderful family that takes care of me and helps me when needed. This in turn makes me think of the Cosmic Schmuck Principle, which goes something like this: If in the course of your life you feel that you are a bit of a cosmic schmuck, you have become less of one. If in the course of your life you have never considered the possibility of you being a cosmic schmuck you have become more of one.Yes, I can roll my tongue but I haven’t a clue what the triple roll thing could be and am probably best off not knowing. I do however have not had my tongue clipped, which I understand is done to many infants shortly after birth, and so can’t stick my tongue out very far.Detached earlobes? I got em, but I don’t know which are more common.

  6. Undecided says:

    well, yeah. Of course we are. I tend to drift into egotism when I think about all the random stuff that makes me unique….born on Feb. 29th, piebaldism, like you said, great family, etc. I don’t believe in destiny, but sometimes I feel an uncomfortable obligation to do something productive with the intelligence I do have…like, maybe I should at least be working right now! haha..

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