Dark and Twisty

jambi •
[Here from the / If in the / Infinite] king’s mountain view

[Here from / If in] the wild dream come true
Feast like a sultan, I do
On treasures and flesh never few
But I would wish it all, away

If I thought I’d lose you just one day
The devil and his had me down

In love with the dark side I’ve found
Dabblin’ all the way down
Up to my neck soon to drown.
But you changed that all for me

Lifted me up, turned me round
So I, I would wish this all away
Pray like a [martyr / father] dusk to dawn

Beg like a hooker all night long
Shout to the devil with my song
And got what I wanted all along
But I

I would
If I couldI would
Wish it awayWish it away
Wish it all away
Wanna wish it all away
No price could hold sway
Or justify my
Giving away, my [sinner / center]
So if I could I’d wish it all away

If I thought tomorrow, they’d take you away
You’re my piece of mind,[my home / my Om / my own / my all]

I said I’m just trying to hold on
One more day
Damn my eyes!
Damn my eyes!

If they should compromise
A fulcrum[Want and need] divide me
Then I might as well be gone…
Shine on forever

Shine on benevolent sunShine down upon the broken
Shine [on ’til / until] the two become one
Shine on forever

Shine on benevolent sun
Shine down upon the severed
Shine [on ’til / until] the two become one
[Divide and wither away/ Divided, withering away/ Divide, I wither away]
Shine down upon the many, light our way,

Benevolent sun.
Breathe in union

So, as one, survive
Another day and season
[Silent legions / Silently, just] save your poison
[Silent legions / Silently, just] stay out of my way

From toolshed.down.net


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